Miso Soup
(Soy bean Soup)
Clear Soup
(Clear chicken broth with mushrooms, fried onions and scallions)
Clam Soup
(Old-style soup with fresh clams)
Seafood Soup
(Old-style soup made from traditional stock with clams, shrimps, crabmeat, and scallops)
Horizen Wonton Soup $4.95



Green Salad
(Garden greens with ginger dressing)
Bean Sprout Salad
(Bean sprouts, cucumber, seaweed and crabstick marinade in a special sauce)
Seaweed Salad
(Seasoned, marinated seaweed)
Squid Salad
(Marinated, shredded squid and vegetables)
Eel Salad
(Grilled eel, avocado, cucumber & tobiko with special sauce)
Sashimi Salad
(Thinly sliced assortment of fish and greens with citrus cream sauce)
Cucumber Salad $3.00
Grilled Salmon Salad $7.95
Grilled Chicken Salad $6.95

Seafood garden Salad
(Fresh greens topped with shrimp, squid, smoked salmon, imitation crabmeat&special sauce)



Cold Dishes

Black Pepper Tuna
(Tuna dipped in black pepper then seared, served with sweet miso sauce)
Sushi Appetizer
(4 assorted pieces)
Sashimi Appetizer
(7 assorted pieces)
Seafood Sunomono
(Assorted seafood in sunomono sauce)
Spicy Tuna Cocktail
(Spicy tuna tarter)
Tuna Cerviche $6.50
Tuna Tataki
(Seared tuna with ponzu sauce)
Scallop Cocktail $8.95


Hot Dishes

Agedashi Tofu
(Crispy tofu with tempura sauce)
Baked Seafood
(Fish, scallops, and shrimp with special sauce)
Horizen Oyster
(Baked oysters on the half shell with spinach & spicy sambuca sauce)
(Steamed soy beans)
(6 pieces of pan-seared pork dumplings)
(6 pieces of steamed shrimp dumplings)
Hamachi Kama
(Broiled yellowtail cheek)
Shrimp Tempura
(Lightly fried shrimp & vegetables in a soy dipping sauce)
Vegetable Tempura
(Assorted vegetable lightly fried with a soy dipping sauce)
Tofu Steak
(Crispy tofu and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce)
Soft-Shell Crab Tempura
(Fried soft shell crab with special sauce)
Tastu Age Chicken
(Tender fried chicken with tonkatsu sauce)
(Squid, breaded and fried, served with tonkatsu sauce)
Squid Steak
(Pan-seared squid with teriyaki sauce)
Baked Salmon
(Baked salmon with snow crab)
(Grilled on skewers)

..........w/Chicken -$4.25 ..........w/Beef -$6.25
..........w/Shrimp -$6.25 ..........w/Scallop-$8.95

Beef Wrap
(Sliced beef roll with scallions, sears, and served with teriyaki sauce)
Vegetable Spring Roll (3 rolls-fried)
Harumaki (4 rolls-fried)
Shrimp Roll
(3 rolls with rice paper wrapped)


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